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June 28 Newsletter

We will be celebrating a day in history where our country declared its independence from Great Britain. After voting for independence Congress then made this statement explaining their reasons. The Declaration of Independence was approved and signed on July 4, 1776. It is an interesting fact, that the only two signers that later became presidents, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, both lived to see the 50th anniversary of their signing, but not a day more. Both died on July 4, 1826.

The SDABL will celebrate this day by not scheduling any games for this weekend. Enjoy it with your friends and family.

Memorial Day Tournament Results

San Diego teams took 4 of the 7 divisions. Congratulations to:

18AA – Wood – Chula Vista Chata
18 Open – San Diego Shockers
35 Wood – San Diego Berrys
45 Wood – San Diego Black Sox

Spring Championship Shirts

Those teams that have not picked up their shirts from last season should call or email Reggie at, or 619-733-2606.

Food and Drink for SDABL Summer Champs:

The owner of 4.0 Deli has graciously offered to treat all Summer champs to a party platter and 2 pitchers of beer (a $100 value).

Thanks 4.0 Deli!


All players should have an SDABL ID and be on a team roster to be eligible to play (on that team of course). If you have lost your ID, go to the website and click on Registration Problems link. Your ID will be sent to you.

June 22 Newsletter

by Mike Goodsell

This is the best time of year for baseball. The weather is moderate and there is little chance for rain. Enjoy it.


As of this weekend, all players must be on the team roster. Any team with a player not on the roster is eligible for a forfeit. This is a simple rule to follow, don’t risk losing a game “off the field” due to this requirement.
Playoff Eligibility

To be eligible for playoffs, a player must participate in at least 4 games. 

Trash Policy

There have been too many calls from coaches regarding trash being left in the dugouts. This has to stop. It’s not that tough to pick up your own dugouts. The fine below will be forwarded to the high school program.

Effective immediately, teams will be fined $100 for leaving the field without cleaning up the trash from the dugouts. To ensure you are not falsely accused, take a picture of your dugout with your phone, as you head out. If there is trash in the dugout when you arrive for an afternoon game (left from the previous game), take a picture and report the offense to the league, but then please clean up all the trash when you leave for the day. Cleaning up after others goes against the grain for some, but losing a field affects everyone so please help out when you can.

SDABL Newsletter – June 8, 2011

The Summer 2011 season is now on its way. It seems as if the Spring season just finished. In fact it did with the Championship games being played last weekend. Good luck to all teams this season.

SDABL Allowed Bats in 2012
In 2012 there will be no aluminum bats as we know it today. We will be following CIF standards to placate our liability insurance company.Wood, Composite Wood and BBCore will be considered in some combination. The league is leaning toward going with just wood. For example, a top quality DeMarini Composite wood bat sells for around $125 and will last years. This may actually be a savings for some players. One team has been using the same 3 Composite bats for 3 yrs now including regular SDABL games and various tournaments. So at this time it is recommended that you don’t by any aluminum bats.

New 4th of July Tournament
The National Adult Baseball Association is hosting a tournament here in Southern California (Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga) areas this July 4th weekend. If you are interested in playing as a team please contact the National Office at 800-621-6479 ASAP. Or go to and view the information. They are currently working with many local restaurants and sporting good stores in the area to receive discounts for all players their families. If you are an individual looking to play on a team please contact Howard Drymon Jr. at (909) 268-2437 or email, there are many teams who could use players.

Contact Us

SDABL Address
7484 University Ave
Suite 230
La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 733-2606

Game Day Emergencies
(619) 733-2606

Penalty Box

4/25/10: Anthony Ricciardi - Banned from the league, with reinstatement eligibility in 2012.
4/25/10: Richard Martinez - Banned from the league, with reinstatement eligibility in 2011.
11/25/09: Chris Angieczyk - Banned from the league, with reinstatement eligibility in 2013.
3/15/07: Scott Thomson - Banned from the league.